Fishing Boat Rentals

Betula Lake Resort offers fishing boat rentals in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, come enjoy a day out on the water at Betula Lake. Spend your time relaxing or do some fishing.

Fishing Boat Rental

[vc_headings style=”theme6″ borderclr=”#000000″ title=”No boating license required” use_theme_fonts=”yes” titleclr=”#000000″ icon=”fas fa-key”]You do not require a Boating License
to rent one of our boats. Simple, easy
process that gets you your rental in
no time.[/vc_headings]
[vc_headings style=”theme6″ borderclr=”#000000″ title=”The Lowest Rates” use_theme_fonts=”yes” titleclr=”#000000″ icon=”fas fa-tags”]

You have access to great quality boats at Super Low Prices. Compare our prices to our competitors and you’ll definitely call us crazy!


[vc_headings style=”theme6″ borderclr=”#000000″ title=”Great fishing” use_theme_fonts=”yes” titleclr=”#000000″ icon=”fas fa-fish”]Betula Lake offers some of the best fishing in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, our lake has lots of walleye, pike, perch, black crappie and even some bass.[/vc_headings]
[mvc_price_listing style=”mega-price-table-5″ btn_text=”Book Now” price_title=”14FT Lund fishing boat” price_plan=”Betula Lake Offers 14FT Lund fishing boat rentals powered by yamaha motors. these boats have a capacity of 5 people or 660Lbs. Full tank of fuel and lifejackets included.” btn_url=”|title:14FT%209.9HP%20Fishing%20Boat” title_clr=”#ffffff” price_bg=”#ffcc00″ top_bg=”#0088cc” caption_url=””]

  • 4 hours $90
  • Daily $150
  • Multi day + $125/day
  • Weekly $600


[mvc_price_listing style=”mega-price-table-5″ btn_text=”Book Now” price_title=”24FT Pontoon Boat” price_plan=”Our pontoon boat rental makes for a great day on the lake relaxing with family and friends or use it to fish in style. It has a capacity of 11 people or 1200lbs. Full tank of fuel and lifejackets included.” btn_url=”|title:26FT%2060HP%20Pontoon” title_clr=”#ffffff” top_bg=”#0088cc” price_bg=”#ffcc00″ caption_url=””]

  • 4 hours $275
  • Daily $400
  • Multi day + $335/day
  • Weekly $1600