• Prehistoric Petroforms. These stone and boulder mosaics are believed to have been created during the Laurel Culture between 500 BC and 800 AD. These outlines, set on a granite tablecrock, depict turtles, snakes, people, circles and other geometric shapes. While some may have been used to mark portages, and others align with astronomical phenomena, it is now believed the primary purpose of these petroforms was as part of religious rituals, a purpose for which some First Nations people continue to use them today.
  • The Whiteshell Natural History Museum at Nutimik Lake.
  • Visit the Nutimik Museum and view a collection of natural history exhibits and First Nations (primarily Ojibwa) artifacts.


  • The variety of terrain Whiteshell offers cross-country skiers on an extensive system of maintained trails.
  • See wild geese feeding and nesting at the Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary in the town of Rennie.
  • Tour the Hydro Electric Power Dam and learn how electricity is generated at Seven Sister Falls.


  • Groomed snowmobile trails, widely regarded as the best in Manitoba.
  • Play miniature golf at Betula Lake or golf at either Pinawa or Falcon Lake.
  • Pine Point Rapids hiking trail takes you 8.2 km (almost 5 miles) through the boreal forest along the Whiteshell River, past beautiful waterfalls and rapids.
  • On clear cool nights, relax and enjoy the show as the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) dance across the sky.
  • Horseback riding at Falcon Lake.

Betula Lake has plenty to see and do, in every season:


The warmer, longer days of Spring are when the Whiteshell is most serene – come to enjoy a relaxing getaway. You can walk, hike and bike in the boreal forest. Or just relax and enjoy the lake view. And the fishing is great in spring!


Come to the cottage! Betula Lake Resort is a place for families to play and relax together, with all those favourite cottage activities including swimming, waterskiing, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking. Plus we have a horseshoe pitch, a beach volleyball/badminton court and a baseball/softball diamond and there are tennis courts nearby.


The fall colours are stunning in the Whiteshell, so you may just choose to find a cozy spot here at Betula Lake Resort to admire the view! It's also the season for bow & arrow hunting.


Fresh white snow, crisp air scented with jack pine and more than 70 km of maintained cross-country ski trails and 250 km of groomed snowmobile trails make the Whiteshell a winter paradise. Access to these trails is just steps away from your Betula Lake Resort cabin. There's also ice fishing, and, nearby, horseback riding, horse-drawn sleigh rides and downhill skiing at Falcon Ridge Ski Area. If you'll be here in February, you won't want to miss the annual Beaver Days Winter Carnival! Betula Lake Resort is a must for your upcoming winter vacation as we are voted platinum as the favourite resort or hotel in Manitoba for the 2014 Rider's Choice Awards.

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